August 25, 2013

Out in Paris : the Rodin Museum

As I live not far from Paris and go there very often, I thought it would be interesting to blog sometimes about the things I do and see there. Today I'm going show you the Rodin Museum, where I went a few weeks ago.

In this museum, opened in 1916, are exposed Auguste Rodin's sculptures. The museum is the former Biron Hotel and its garden. The place has an amazing atmosphere, it looks antique and grand but cosy at the same time, because it is a quite small house (I mean, smaller than a castle or something like that).
I really liked the garden, because it was very calm and silent, and it was cut in different areas with different atmospheres - English garden with roses (where the famous "Le Penseur" is located), fountain area, forest-like area with trees everywhere, a more chill area with benches and sand for children to play with - and all around they added some of the sculptures.

 (Sorry for the luminosity, the weather wasn't very good !)

Here is a view of the hotel from the back part of the garden :

(Yep there's a butt in this picture, but I couldn't manage it any other way and it's part of a statue so it's okay)

Then you could go on and visit the hotel. Unfortunately, some rooms were closed because of renovation, but you still had access to numerous rooms and could see loads of sculptures and, sometimes, paintings.

This one is so beautiful. It is called "buste de jeune fille". Sorry for the reflection of the light but the sculpture was in a glass protection box.

I really like this one. You may have recognised the famous writer Victor Hugo !

Another one that really caught my eye : "le baiser de l'ange" (the angel's kiss).

I could go on forever and show you every sculpture I fell in love with, but this article would never end. Instead I'll just show you a view of the gardens from a window of the house :

Isn't this so pretty and peaceful ? 

If you come to Paris one day, I would definitely recommend you to do a big museums tour, because a lot of them are worth visiting. And this one is part of the list !
If you're interested, here is the link to the website of the museum : Musée Rodin.

Julia xx

August 05, 2013

Wishlist : August '13

Hello everyone !

As it is summertime, I've been posting less regularly these past few weeks. I'm enjoying the sun as much as possible, because we didn't get the chance to have a good weather before.
That's why my August wishlist is a bit late ! I've stopped doing wishlists every month, because surprisingly I don't always have special things I want to buy, and these months I couldn't think of items to include in a wishlist. But this month I do have some things I would love to buy so I put them all together in here.

1. La Riche Directions semi-permanent hair dye, in the colour "flamingo pink". I'd like to try a pink ombre !
2. Models own nail polish, in not any particular shade. I'll just see what colour attracts me the most ! 5.99 € at Monoprix (here in France).
3. The Match Perfection concealer by Rimmel, around 8€.
4. Misumi black tile print skater dress, New Look, £17.99. The pattern looks amazing !
5. The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green. Everybody seems to love this book so I'm getting more and more curious about it !

That's all for this month. Hopefully I'll get to try all these bits soon !

Julia xx