April 22, 2014

Nails of the Week #5 : Blue Jeans

Hi there !

This week, I decided to try something new on my nails, and went for a deep blue colour. I've never painted my nails blue, except for pastel/baby blue, which is one of my favourite colours. I thought dark blue wouldn't suit me, but then I was given this tiny Yves Rocher nail polish, so I had no reason not to finally try !
... and I don't know what to think about it. I'll just show you how it looks :

The blue is darker in real life than in the pictures, it looks lighter here.

I'm not sure this colour suit my skintone very well... I feel like my hands look almost yellow haha, because of the undertones of my skin. But the colour itself is really pretty ! a nice navy blue, which I like to pair with denim shorts, beige blouses, lace, blue and white striped tops...
Also, I had never tried Yves Rocher nail polishes before. I've got this one and a red one, I've tried them both, and they are really opaque (if you're on the go you could definitely wear one coat only) and, best thing of all, they dry really quickly !
I prefer to wear dark colours on my nails during the autumn/winter, but these days the weather has been quite dull and I thought this suited the atmosphere perfectly, unfortunately.
Maybe I will get used to this colour eventually, by wearing it a few times :P

Julia xx

April 16, 2014

Wishlist : Spring '14

I haven't made a wishlist in ages ! Maybe because I haven't bought many things either during the last months. But now that we're in spring (and almost in summer, who could believe time would pass so quickly !), I decided it was finally time for a new wishlist.

So here are all the things I want to buy in the upcoming months ! :

1. Dahlia Noir, by Givenchy (50mL), 62,90€ in Sephora. I got this perfume for Christmas and I've finished it, sadly ! It smells sooo good and is perfect for the season, that's why I need it again in my life.
2. Fit Me Concealer, Maybelline, around 9€. I've heard many good things about this concealer, and I'm almost running out of my Full Cover Concealer by MUFE, and I can't afford another one right now haha. We'll see if this one's good !
3. Effaclar K, Laroche-Posay, around 12€. This product is a sort of base/cream for combination to oily skin, supposed to reduce spots, regulate the sebum of the skin, make it look clearer, etc. Again I've heard good things about it, and Laroche-Posay is a nice brand for skin-related products. 
4. They're Real mascara, Benefit, 25€. I've got this mascara in sample size, and I'm afraid it'll run out soon. It is such a good mascara, I must buy it again !
5. Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell. I've watched the BBC adaptation of 1999 of the novel, and I loved it so much I want to read it now (I'll probably make a blog post about it by the way). Nineteenth century literature is my favourite, so I know I'll have a great time reading the book.

Well, that's it for my spring wishlist ! I could add some other things in it, but they aren't items in particular, more like "categories of things I need to get" : some pastel nail polishes, new black treggings, a mid-season jacket... Let's hope I will find all these things !

Julia xx

April 10, 2014

Nails of the Week #4 : Think Pink

This week I wanted to go for a light springy colour, and I ended up with a very girly manicure !
I'm wearing the "Eternal Optimist" by Essie, which is a light (but not pastel) pink, and I did an accent nail with a glitter nail polish from Claire's, which doesn't have any name nor number unfortunately.

The Claire's nail polish is sooo pretty, it has little holographic glitter and bigger pink sparkles. It cost me 3.50€ only, and the quality is really good, it stays on the nails for a long time. You can find literally the same type of nail polish in other brands like Models Own, but for a higher price. Sometimes cheap brands are more than okay, no need to spend a lot of money to get nice things !

Julia xx

April 06, 2014

Review : Green Clay Mint Mask, by Cattier

Hello !

I'm not sure if the brand Cattier is well-known or sold everywhere, but I've been using this clay mask for a while and I thought it would be interesting to make a review of it. It is the mask for oily skin (there is an entire range for different types of skin).

I'd never heard of Cattier before buying this mask, and I chose it completely randomly one day as I was looking around in a pharmacy. Clay is good for the skin, and especially for oily skin - it takes off the excess of sebum, purifies and matifies very well.
The clay looks like this :

So basically, you apply the clay on your face (obviously, be careful around the eyes !), and you leave it on for ten minutes, then you take it off and your skin's ready. The thing with clay masks is that you musn't let it dry on the skin, and I learnt that only a few months ago ! If the clay starts drying, you have to wet it a bit.
The product is sooo annoying to take off, it takes ages and leaves your washbasin green, but in the end it is worth it. My skin is so soft and nice and matte when I use this mask, but it is also kind of light and clear too.
Of course, you should always moisturise your face once you've used clay, because it is naturally a bit drying.
The other good thing about this product is that it is labelled as organic, which is always nice.

I haven't tried any other products of this brand yet, but I'll probably buy some others because I definitely wasn't disappointed with this one !

Julia xx