July 26, 2013

The Bourgeois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Even though I love nail polish, it always bothers me to take it off. It takes ages, the nail polish remover smells awful, and when you have glitter on you can spend hours to remove it completely... It is a real chore. 
So when I heard about this new nail polish remover, I thought I needed to get it because it seemed a lot easier to deal with than the average liquid nail polish remover.

Most people probably know how this works ! The inside looks like this :

The product is in it, and you just have to put your finger in the mousse thing, twist it a little bit, and the nail polish's gone ! It is quite quick (but definitely not one second as they claim on the pot) and works really well. If you're wearing glittery nail polish, you just have to wait a little longer, but it takes it off as well.

What I also like about this is the smell : it really smells of red fruit and vanilla ! At first you have that strong smell of typical nail polish remover, but then it fades and there is this sweet smell, it's amazing.
And also your nails and the tip of your fingers are nourished because of the almond oil, which again is amazing. 
This is the most perfect nail polish remover ever ! It just makes everything easier when it comes to taking off nail polish. I'll definitely buy it again soon !

Julia xx

July 19, 2013

What I watched : Miss Austen Regrets

As you may already know if you've read some of my random non-beauty related articles, I'm a big Jane Austen fan. I love her novels and the person herself, and I'm sure we would have been great friends if I had known her (and lived in the same era, of course) !

A few days ago I bought the DVD of the movie Miss Austen Regrets. I couldn't find it anywhere before but I was lucky enough to get it finally ! and I watched it as soon as I could. And I loved it !

The movie is based on the letters Jane Austen sent to her sister Cassandra during her lifetime. It shows the well-known English writer, in her early forties (not long before her death, at the age of 41). As her beloved niece Fanny Knight comes to ask her questions about a boy she met, Jane remembers her own past.

She never married, but in this movie we get to know some of her relationships, or let's say love interests. I won't go too in depth about those, because the film is really worth watching. Olivia Williams, who plays Jane, is great. I particularly love how they put forward Jane's personality, showing that she was a very witty, funny and modern woman in her way of thinking. I noticed that in some scenes, I could relate to her, even though we are definitely not the same age and not living in the same era ! And that's probably why she has been so successful and so much loved (and still is), we all have something of Jane Austen in us ;)

Now that I've seen the movie, it makes me want to read all the letters that we have left from her. Let's see if I can find that !

Julia xx

July 08, 2013

Nivea Aqua Effect refreshing cleansing gel, a skin saviour

Long title for a product that's worth the try !

The Refreshing Cleansing gel by Nivea, from the Aqua Effect range, really helped my skin to look better. I bought it about two weeks ago and the difference is already here. Actually I saw a difference after three to four days of use only, and I was so amazed because I've never experienced anything like that, with any face product, ever. 

I tend to have a lot of breakouts but only on my forehead (my oily skin doesn't help), and it really upsets me because I had to hide all this with concealer all the time, and I needed more time to put my makeup on than when I don't have a lot of spots... I clean my face every morning, and after I took off my makeup, but it was still annoying and didn't stop the breakouts. 

But one day I wanted to try a new cleanser and picked this Nivea one because it seemed to be okay. I didn't do a research about it before and I had never heard of it, but at that point I thought any cleanser would "do the job" on my skin. Yes, I was kind of desperate !

(Sorry for the mess in the background !)

I used this cleanser every morning and evening, and it took me only a few days to notice a huge difference on my skin. It was clearer, cleaner, and literally all my spots disappeared. I haven't had a breakout since I started using it. I still have two or three little spots from time to time but they are really tiny and I only need some powder foundation to hide them. And the best thing is that in two days, they totally fade !

I'm in love with this cleanser. It is for normal to combination skin, but even though mine is more on the oily side, it is still really effective and didn't cause any bad consequences. 
If you have the same kind of skin problems as me, you should definitely try this cleanser, it is amazing !

If you want more info about the product, this is the link to its web page : click here !

Julia xx

July 05, 2013

Fashion selection : the Aztec trend

Hello !

Today I decided to take a closer look at a trend that's everywhere at the moment, in every shop and on every girl in the streets : the Aztec trend.
Aztec print is a kind of geometrical pattern which has been on trend for some time already. Whether it be black and white, multicoloured or neon, I think it is perfect for summer, when the sun is shining and you want to feel like you're on holiday.
You must have seen it everywhere too, it is a great trend for this summer, and actually looks quite cool and casual on a tank top, paired with shorts and little sandals. An average summer outfit, it is. I've made a selection of Aztec printed items from two different shops. I love to do these kind of selections because it makes the hours I spend on online websites more relevant ! Yeah because I could be wasting my whole afternoon scrolling on several websites, staring at clothes I'll never be able to buy... but if I share with you some of the things I find interesting, it means that I actually have a goal when doing this website checking haha. Anyway too much ramble, let's start the selection !

First is one of my favourite shops, New Look ! I found quite a few Aztec items on there, because the website has so much on that it's quite easy to find interesting pieces !

This one is a pair of light denim boyfriend shorts, with a faded white Aztec print on it. I guess this will not be to everyone's taste because the boyfriend look is kind of a love or hate trend, but I think for summer these shorts would be so easy to style and to wear for hanging around or even to go to the beach if you don't want to go out with only your bikini on.

These shorts are £19.99, and you can find them here.

Then I chose two dresses. The first one is a pretty skater dress with a cut out at the back. It is black and dusty pink, and seems to fit the top part of your body very well. The cut out detail is really cute and the design is so cool, you could wear that dress to go out if you dress it up a little bit.

It is £19.99, and the link to it is right here !

The second dress is a midi dress ! This is the type of dress that I find amazing on other people but that I would not wear myself, don't think it would flatter my figure. And it's a pity because I think this is a gorgeous shape ! this dress is black, blue, pink and beige, with an Aztec print all over. It is beautiful, very summery, and cheap ! What else ?

The dress is £16.99, and you can find it on the New Look website here.

Now on to the tops ! I've got two, still from New Look (no, I'm not getting paid by the shop to promote their clothes, I promise !). The first one is a crop top. Crop tops are a major trend at the moment, for summer, and they are really cool. With high-waisted shorts or skirts, they look amazing ! This one has got black, white, pink, blue and green Aztec patterns on it. It is short-sleeved, very simple, but I guess it would look great with a black high-waisted midi skirt or something like that.
It is only £9.99 on this link.

The other top that I chose is a bit different from the rest of the things I showed you, but I really love it, I think it's quite special. It is a light grey vest top with a metallic Aztec print on it. It seems to be all shiny ! And I think it would look great on a night out, with a skirt or black shorts and heels. Have a look by yourself :

I. need. it. Unfortunately, I haven't found it in my local New Look and it makes me sad... But I'm not giving up on this !
It is £14.99 and can be found here !

Second and last shop of the selection, H&M ! I've found two bags, they are of different styles but both perfectly on the Aztec trend.
The first one is a black and white pouch bag, with a fake leather shoudler strap. As it's black and white, it goes with everything and could be worn with any outfit. 

It is only £14.99 though it seems to be good quality ! find it that way !

The second bag and last item of this selection is a little messenger bag, very cute ! It is light brown with a peach, blue, pink and black Aztec print. It looks smart and trendy at the same time I think ! It is smaller than the first bag, and must be handy just to go out in town.

The bag is also £14.99, here is the link to it.


That is all for my Aztec selection ! I do apologize though because I've picked items from two shops only, but that's because I've chose only products that I really like, and I couldn't find anything interesting in other websites, although I checked a few. Hopefully my next selection will include more shops than this one ;)

Julia xx