December 31, 2013

Review : the Rimmel 5 in 1 nail treat

Hello !

I love painting my nails. In fact, I never go without nail polish, because for some strange reason it makes me feel like I'm naked. So to prevent my nails from being in bad health, I pay great attention to the base that I use before I put the colour on.

And as I'm quite happy with the base/top coat I'm using at the moment, I thought it could be useful to speak a little about it !

This nail treatment is supposed to be 5 in 1, protecting your nails from the polish when applied as a base, and making it last longer (and be more shiny) when you add it as a top coat.
I always go for two-in-one nail products to use as a base and a top coat, it is much more practical (and less expensive, let's be honest !) than having different products all over the place. I was a bit sceptical about the actual efficiency the product would provide though, but now that I've been using it for a while I can safely say that I wasn't disappointed !

As a base, this treatment really does a good job. It dries quickly, makes your nails all shiny and pretty, and protects your nails from the colours of the nail polishes. I've never had yellowy/dry nails since I've been using it.
As a top coat, it gives a very shiny finish to any nail polish. And again, it dries very quickly so you don't have to wait for ages before being able to touch something ! I really saw a difference about this, when comparing with my former top coat (it was a L'Oreal one, but I can't remember its name). Concerning the lasting power, it is quite good, although the polish tends to fade on the tips of the nails after a few days (which I guess happens with any nail polish and any top coat when you think about it, because it is the most exposed area of the nail with which we keep touching things all the time etc.).

So to sum everything up, I would recommend you to try this nail treatment, it is very good for its price - I don't actually remember how much I paid for it but it's Rimmel, so not really expensive. It does its job very well and spares you from buying two different products ! I'll be buying it again when it runs out, but for now it seems to last a while, I use it every week, sometimes twice a week, and I've had it for some months, yet it is still half full !

Julia xx

December 23, 2013

The Christmas tag !

Hello everybody !

I really really wanted to make the Christmas tag, because I love this time of year so much I thought it would be fun to answer those questions.
So without further rambling, here it is !

1/ What is your favourite Christmas film ?

My favourite Christmas film has to be Love Actually ! not very original I know, but I absolutely love it. A bunch of great actors, funny characters, cool music... I always end up watching it ten times during this time of year, and I almost know the words by heart !
*I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes* - *feel it in my toeeees*...

2/ What is your favourite festive colour ?

I really love gold and silver shades at Christmas, especially when it features loads of glitter. It just gives everything a festive look, and this is exactly what we need at Christmas - a happy atmosphere, lights, glitter !

3/ Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning ?

Well, I do both ! We have this tradition in the family, as we all spend Christmas Eve at my grandma's, we open some presents at midnight on the 24th - or 25th, depending on how you see it haha. Then after a good night of sleep when we're back home, we open the last bits in the morning !

4/ What is your favourite Christmas fragrance ?

I don't have a particular fragrance for winter - to speak the truth, I've been wearing Flower by Kenzo during all autumn-winter time, which is slightly inappropriate as this perfume basically smells like sweet spring flowers haha !
But this week and probably for the rest of winter, I'll be using the J'adore by Dior, it has a very nice scent and looks perfect for fancy end-of-year evenings to me !

5/ What is your favourite Christmas scent ?

I love spicy Christmas scents, like cinnamon and berries together - this is a quite popular scent for winter candles.
Also, I'm using a very nice candle at the moment, it's called "Frosted Snow" - it is quite fresh and smells of Christmas tree... Perfect !

6/ What is your favourite holiday drink ?

Well, as many people I guess, my favourite Christmas drink is... hot chocolate ! I could have some at any time : in the morning, in the afternoon while procrastinating on the Internet, in the evening while watching a Christmas film... To be honest, hot chocolate is the ultimate drink for me all year round haha !

7/ Candy canes or gingerbread men ?

I'm not fond of either... But I'll go with candy canes, because they are really pretty and practical at the same time : when you no longer need them for decoration, you can just eat them and lose no space in storing them somewhere !
But I must say gingerbread men are also really cute... tough question !

8/ What is your favourite Christmas song ?

It's so difficult to choose just one ! But I would say "all I want for Christmas is you", by Mariah Carey. The Love Actually version is also quite good though. And I love "baby it's cold outside", "White Christmas"... sooo many good Christmas songs !
But here is "all I want for Christmas is you", yay !

9/ Have you ever made a snowman ?

I have of course ! but I'm so bad at this, and I've only made small ones because I can't gather snow to make huge balls - I don't even know how people do that !
But a tiny snowman is a cute snowman anyway isn't it ?

10/ What is the most important thing to you about Christmas ?

The most important thing for me is to be happy. So not particularly being with your family - I know for most people Christmas means family time, and that's what it is for me, but not everybody feels the same -, but the main thing is to enjoy yourself, eat what you like (don't think about gaining weight, who cares !), laugh and have a great time, that's all !
And of course put lights everywhere : candles, garland lights, anything. To me Christmas is also a celebration of light - it's winter, it's dark, we want to light this up a bit and make it more festive and warm ! :)


I wish you all a merry Christmas - and if you don't celebrate Christmas, I wish you a good day anyway, cheers ! ;)

Julia xx

December 17, 2013

Christmas outfit inspiration #2

I'm back with a new outfit inspiration !

This time I went less cosy and more dressy. I decided to stick to a light colours and glitter theme, because all you need for Christmas is softness and sparkles. Isn't it ?
I first found this gorgeous Topshop dress, and then found some accessories to go with it. This outfit is very different from the first one, and would probably suit in a more dressed up Christmas party.
Or if you just want to be all fancy waiting for Santa, that's good too !

1. Rhinestone headwrap, Forever 21 (£5.65). Perfect to match the stones of the dress, and add a little bit of cuteness to your outfit ! You can click on this link to find more about it.
2. Clutch bag with front lock and bar, Asos (£18.00). The gold detailing is really pretty, and the size of this bag is the best to carry your stuff around. For the link to the website, click here !
3. Cross embellished skater dress, Topshop (£55.00). I know this dress is a bit expensive, but considering it was originally £85.00, it can be interesting nonetheless. And it was too beautiful for me not to mention it ! Here it the webpage of the dress.
4. Short cream blazer, H&M (£16.00). This blazer is so cheap and looks perfect with the dress ! You can find it right there !
5. Black embellished shoes, New Look (£29.99). These shoes complete the outfit very nicely, I particularly love the embellishments on the front, just like on the dress ! You can find them on the New Look website.

That's it for the second Christmas outfit !
It is really classic when you think about it, but pale pink and cream are so lovely at all times, even for Christmas - it changes from the usual red and gold shades we can find everywhere ! I hope you like this selection, and that it can maybe inspire you in choosing your outfit.

Julia xx

December 14, 2013

Christmas outfit inspiration #1

Hello there !

Oops, I'm only starting to get Christmassy on here, although I've been in the Christmas mood for a while already. But exams are messing up my entire schedule, and I have little time to hang on Blogger.
But anyway, I'm here today to share a bit of Christmas outfit inspiration with you. The D-day is in less than two weeks, so it's about time to think about what to wear !
I've decided to do a few different outfits, with different styles ; and I'm starting with a very cosy one today.
You'll find all the links above if there is one item that you fancy - it's still time for a bit of Christmas shopping !

1. Knitted black hat, H&M (9.95 €). The pompom is so cute ! However, I couldn't find the UK link on the H&M website.
2. Black reindeer Light Up Christmas Jumper, New Look (£29.99). It is so cool, the reindeer's nose lights up when you move or when you touch it ! My mother bought it for herself, and I'm probably going to steal it someday ! You can find it here.
3. Red and White Snowflake Leggings, New Look (£9.99). These leggings are so cheap, and totally suitable for the season ! They have loads of tiny white reindeer on them, and I think it matches the jumper perfectly. Here is the link to the website !
4. Black Lace Up Boots, New Look (£29.99). These ones are perfect to complete the look, and the detail of the knit is what makes it interesting I think. You can have a closer look at it by clicking right here !

So you see, this is a very comfy outfit, all knitted and casual, for a family Christmas spent in eating loads of chocolate and yummy food !

I'll see you soon for a different type of outfit !

Julia xx