January 22, 2013

DIY flowered garland

Hello !
As I said in my first post, I made a DIY garland with Cath Kidston-esque paper. I wanted to do this for so long, I think it's a cute detail to decorate your room and make it look nicer and more personal.
It's the easiest thing to do : you only need sheets of beautiful paper, a pair of scissors, some string and a compass (or anything you can use to make holes in the paper).
I cut little triangles in my paper, four of each colour. My garland is quite short, but this is the length I wanted.

Here are the paper I used... I bought it in a stationery shop. Those flowers are so pretty !
So I cut my little triangles, and made holes on the top ends to put them together with the string.

After doing that, you just have to take your piece of string and link your triangles together !
Your garland is then finished. Simple but efficient !

And... this is the final result in my room, I decided to put it on the wall just behind my laptop.
I quite like it !

I'm already thinking of making another one to put on the door of my room... 
Isn't that pretty ?

Julia xx

January 19, 2013

Cath Kidston wishlist

My first article will be a quick one, but long enough to get to know me already ! As you can see in the title, this will be a short (meaning realistic, because that brand is quite pricey !) Cath Kidston wishlist.
Cath Kidston is such a beautiful brand, all of its products are very pretty, feminine. The prints are the best – just look at the items with the train print on it, they are fabulous !
Unfortunately, I live in France and we don't have any Cath Kidston shop here. It's a shame ! A lot of people in the whole world seem to appreciate this brand.
You can also find its products online, for example on the Asos website – of course, the entire collection is not there, and the best way to buy Cath Kidston stuff is naturally to go in its amazing shops.
Or, like me, you can cheat a little and buy « dupes » ! they can be really easy to find, as their classical liberty blue flowery print is now so famous. I recently bought some sheets of paper with different Cath Kidston-y prints, and I'm going to make a DIY garland with it as soon as possible. I'll put pictures of that here !

But for now let me share this Cath Kidston wishlist... only four items that I would definitely purchase if I could, for a total amount of £106,00. Yeah, I think this wishlist is going to stay a « wish » for a while !

Aren't those items so lovely ?
Not very affordable if we take them all together but little by little, it can be possible to get them.
So... may the collection start as soon as possible !

Julia xx