October 29, 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hello there !

I haven't made an article for ages... it feels weird ! but I had so many things to do these past few months, with busy holidays, a new year at uni (with a lot more work than I thought I would have !)... so I have to admit I didn't think about writing on my blog so much. But now that everything's kinda settled with university and that I've taken back a regular working rhythm, I'm finally coming back on here ! I really missed it.

I'm starting with a tag that I really wanted to make ; the Autumn tag ! I love this season, so I was more than happy to answer questions about it.
Hope you'll enjoy !

1/ Favourite thing about autumn ?

I guess my favourite thing about autumn is the whole cosy atmosphere that comes with it. It gets colder, so we drink hot beverages, we put on warm jumpers and scarves, we really appreciate time spent casually in bed... Autumn is the perfect time for relaxing and enjoying cosy moments !

2/ Favourite drink ?

I love any hot drink, at any time of the year. But in autumn I tend to drink more hot chocolate and tea, casually lying in front of the TV watching movies or reading books. It may sound a bit cliché but I don't caaare.

3/ Favourite scent/candle ?

My go-to scent for candles, especially at this time - almost winter but not Christmas yet - is vanilla or anything sugary like that. Actually, at this very moment a vanilla candle in burning on my bookshelf ;)

4/ Favourite lipstick ?

I don't have a favourite lipstick that I can think of right now, but any dark shade of red would do it - for example I have "dark side" by Mac, which I love wearing at this time of year and throughout all the autumn/winter months.

5/ Go-to moisturiser ?

As I've said a few times before, my moisturiser is the Crème Prodigieuse by Nuxe. I really love it and it will be my saviour in the months to come I'm sure !

6/ Go-to colours for the eyes ?

I don't really apply eyeshadows on my eyes anymore, I've become too lazy so I just have eyeliner everyday haha. But if I had to choose some colours to do a makeup right now, I would go for deep browns on the corners of the eyes and nude/pearly colours on the lead, to add some light these days when we don't have any around us ! (wow that was beautifully said don't you think ?)

7/ Favourite band/singer to listen to ?

I'm very picky when it comes to music. I'm not a fan of many bands or singers, I'm not a concerts girl... music isn't really my favourite thing, weirdly enough. I like it, but you'll never see me with earphones stuck to my ears all the time. When I want to be cosy and relaxed (that's what autumn is all about for me !), I listen to some Chopin's nocturnes. To fit in this tag brilliantly, here is what I'm currently listening to :

But for more contemporary music, I love sticking to my favourites all the time, so Ed Sheeran, Pink, Queen or Maroon 5. I also really love Bruno Mars at the moment !

8/ Favourite outfit to wear ?

My favourite outfit has to be a pretty dress, preferably with a cute collar and a cute print (hearts, animals) or loads of lace, with warm tights and boots. Not very original, but it works all the time !

9/ Autumn treat ?

My autumn treat has to be chocolate, in every possible form. Mostly as a hot drink of course, but also in cakes or in bars like Mars and Snickers, or in traditional tablets. Can't wait for Christmas chocolate to be in the shops !

10/ Favourite place to be ?

Probably at home, casually watching movies or wasting my time on the Internet haha. And if I had to choose a place outdoors, it would be anywhere in Paris where there are old monuments and museums. There is nothing better than hanging out in the beautiful streets of the city before getting a hot drink in a coffee somewhere !

That's all for this tag ! I really loved it, the questions are so nice and could make anyone love autumn. Don't you think so ?
I'll come back soon with a beauty-related video, so stay around !

Julia xx