April 07, 2013

Review : Sephora body butters

Hello !

It's time for a review !
So I'm a bit mad about body products, I always want to try a lot of new creams, butters, shower gels, etc. During the last sales (in January), I bought two Sephora body butters - I got them for 4€ both, what a bargain ! And since then I've been using them.
I have the monoï body butter, and the pineapple/grenadine one.

They are 200ml, so they can last you very long.
The texture is not very thick, compared to the Body Shop butters. It goes quite well into the skin, you don't feel sticky or anything after you've applied it.

For the scents, I really love the monoi one. I wanted to keep it for the summer but... I'm weak, so I've started using it already. It smells soooo good.
I'm not so keen on the pineapple/grenadine one, just because it's not really my type of scent. But it's still quite good, other people must enjoy it.
The best thing about those scents is that when you put your clothes on just after putting it, you can notice some time later that your clothes do smell the body butter... I don't know it had never happened to me with another butter or cream so I thought it was cool. It is !

These body butters are available at Sephora for 9.90€, in a lot of different scents. I think when I finish the butters I have, I'll try the cotton flower one. It will be perfect for spring and summer.

Bybye !

Julia xx

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