April 23, 2013

Review : Mat Velvet + foundation, by Make Up Forever

Hi !

After a month of using it, I'm finally making a review of my new foundation ! It's the well-known Mat Velvet + foundation, by Make Up Forever.
I have a combination to oily skin, and finding a good foundation is a real struggle for me. My last one was a Maybelline, for no particular skin type. It did a good job, but even with some powder on top my skin always became shiny in the afternoon. It annoyed me a lot.
So when I almost ran out of my foundation I started looking around on the Internet to find a new more more suitable to my skin... And I quickly found out about the Mat Velvet + one.
After watching and reading some very good reviews, I decided to get it, to give it a try.

The foundation looks like this :

I was so surprised when I bought it, the bottle is tiny. You have 30ml of foundation.
You take the amount of foundation you need with this tip :

You have to take care because before using the product you need to shake it, but when you do so the foundation goes out even if you don't press the bottle : you may end with too much product on your hand. But I guess this happens only in the beginning when the bottle is still full.

I read that the texture was very thick, but I think it's not, it's not difficult to apply on your skin or anything.
Here is a swatch on my hand :

So now, let's go for the face review !
As I said, it's quite easy to apply, I didn't struggle to put the foundation on as some people did according to some reviews I saw/read. I apply my foundation with my fingers and it blended really well.
The effect is indeed mat, your skin goes instantly mat and unified when you wear the foundation. I was very happy of the result, except for the coverage maybe ; it's not as high as I thought it would be. Everybody said that the coverage was amazing (and even a little bit too much maybe), but that's not what I feel when I wear it... so I would say it has a medium to high coverage instead.
Time for pictures, so here is one picture of (one side of) my face without foundation, and another picture when I have the Mat Velvet + (and no concealer or anything) :

No foundation obviously, yerk !

Foundation on !

Sorry for the lighting on the second picture, it turned out quite orange but that's not what it looks like in real life, I promise !
You can definitely tell the difference between my skin with the foundation and without it. It covers my scars (well I don't know if they are scars actually, but I mean the reddish parts on my cheeks) quite well, my blemishes, etc. But if sometimes you have spots, the foundation will not be enough and you'll have to wear concealer for a perfect result. Anyway, when I apply the foundation in the morning, I'm very happy and I love it and all that jazz...

Then we come to the not-so-good part of the review... the matifying effect !
As I said when you apply the foundation your skin looks amazing, mat, perfect... but unfortunately, it doesn't last so long (well it didn't for me, maybe other people are luckier) !
When I come home, maybe 8 hours after I've done my makeup, my skin isn't matified anymore... you can tell it's oily and not pretty at all. Maybe if you add a little powder during the day you can make the effect last a little more, but the foundation was supposed to do the job alone and I'm afraid it doesn't... I was quite disappointed of that. I read a few times that you didn't even need powder on top of the foundation, because it lasted so well... 
Maybe my skin's just weird, but the result wasn't what I expected. 


To sum up, here are my thoughts about the Mat Velvet + :

 + it's easy to apply on your skin
 + the shape of the bottle, the tip of it
 + the coverage (even though it's not as high as I thought it would be)
 + the effect right after you've applied it

 - the price (I know it's Make Up Forever, but still)
 - the quite short-lasting matifying effect

I think that's all for this foundation !
This is a looong post I know, but at least I'm sure I said everything I needed to say about the product.
I hope this post will somehow be helpful, if you're interested in buying the foundation !

Julia xx

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