September 06, 2014

Life Update : I'm off to England

Hello everybody,

Today's post in a bit different from my other ones. I've never talked about personal matters on this blog, but I've got a big thing going on now, which is slowly taking over my time and, to be honest, my motivation too.

As you'll probably tell from the title, I'm going to England ! I'll be living there for a year of university, until June next year. I'm so excited, England is my dream country so this opportunity means a lot to me. I'll stay there just for about nine months, but I'm willing to make the most of it and enjoy every second.

St Pancras station, from where I'll set foot in London, yay !

Although I'm sure I will have a lot of free time, I'm still unsure of how things will be going, and it'll take me some time to take a new rhythm. As a consequence, I think I will publish less posts on this blog, probably until the end of 2014. With so many exciting things to look forward to, I've already started to leave my blog aside these past few months, and it makes me sad to do so. But I'm sure I'll get back to it eventually, with more new posts and more inspiration.

Of course I'll still try and post from time to time when I've got things that might interest you, but I'm not sure there will be plenty of posts in the upcoming months. I guess taking this break will be a nice thing for me, I'll be coming with with a lot of new ideas and motivated like never before :)

Until then,
have a nice time !

Julia xxx

August 25, 2014

My Makeup Favourites for a Classic Chic Look ♥

Hello everyone !

Today, I'm showing you my favourite products to use when I want to create a classic but chic look, for example for birthdays or nights out. On these occasions I tend to go with a simple look, and put my efforts in my outfit intead ! 
So here are some of the products I usually use :

When you want to go for a chic look, you have to pay attention to skin and make it look flawless. The best thing for that is to wear a good foundation. Mine is the Mat Velvet + by Makeup Forever, which I reviewed here. It's quite thick and has a good coverage, so maybe some people wouldn't like to use it on a daily basis because of this coverage. But for a special occasion, it's perfect to make your skin look perfect and matte for a long time !
My eye makeup for this type of look is winged eyeliner and long lashes. There is nothing as lovely and easy as that ! Well, it can be difficult sometimes to match both eyes for the eyeliner but the more you practice, the better you get at it ! My eyeliner is the Super Liner by L'OrĂ©al. The brush is not the thinnest you could find, but I don't really like thin eyeliner, so I don't mind. It's still quite precise and handy ! My mascara at the moment is the Millions de Cils So Couture by Maybelline. It is great ! It makes the lashes look longer and it gives it a nice curl. For a night look you could add fake lashes of course, to make the eye makeup look more dramatic.
To go with eyeliner, red lips are the way to go ! There are so many red lipsticks and mine is a Kiko. It's a simple satin red lipstick, with orange undertones. 
Finally, to give more definition to the face, you could use a bronzer (but I don't haha) and add a bit of red on the cheeks. The Benetint by Benefit is great for that, because I feel like when you have red lips, you want to have something more subtle on the cheeks to make your complexion look more natural. The Benetint gives you a slight red shade on the apples of the cheeks, and as it's a liquid formula it stays on the skin for a long time, no need for touch-ups ! (except for the lips of course ;) )

That's it for my classic chic look ! This combo works fine on everybody I think, and it's timeless :)

Julia xx

July 27, 2014

Fashion Selection : Kimonos

Hi y'all !

Today I've got a bit of a fashion post. I haven't been posting as much fashion as I used to lately, just because I haven't been too keen on new clothing and stuff, I focused more on beauty.
But right now I've think I've fallen in love with kimonos ! They're the perfect item for summer, when it's too hot to wear a cardigan on top of your clothes but you still want an extra layer for the evenings. It is so on trend at the moment that all shops have a large variety of kimonos, of different lengths and patterns and colours, so it's easier to find the one you'll like !
I've selected a few of them for you amongst the pages and pages of e-shops that I've searched through. Here they are, maybe you'll like them too !

1. Floral Print Kimono, Pull & Bear (£29.99)
3. Beige Geommetric Crochet Tassel Hem Kimono, Sheinside (on sale, £11.77)

Julia xx

July 17, 2014

Nails of the Week #9 : Nude is Better

Hello everybody !!

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks. I'm on holiday and strangely, I find myself with a lot more to do than when I was in uni/working ! So the posts are going to be sparse until, let's say, October (because I'm going to do something super exciting in September, I'll speak more about it later !).

Today I wanted to make a quick nails of the week post because I need to show you this pretty nail polish that I bought a few weeks ago (and I speak about it in my makeup favourites for a nude look, right here !) and that I can't get enough of !

It's the "Ivory Rose" by Maybelline. First of all, the colour is great ! Nude nails are always perfect, not matter the season or the occasion. If you don't really know what colour to wear, just put this on and you'll be ready to go with any outfit ! It goes with everything and makes your hands look so lovely.
As for the quality, it is also very good. The brush is like that of Essie nail polishes, it's big so it makes it quicker to apply the polish on the nails. It dries quickly, and stays on for quite a long time without chipping.

I can't find anything wrong with this nail polish, which is probably a good thing ! 

See you soon (well I hope haha) for a new post !

Julia xx