September 06, 2014

Life Update : I'm off to England

Hello everybody,

Today's post in a bit different from my other ones. I've never talked about personal matters on this blog, but I've got a big thing going on now, which is slowly taking over my time and, to be honest, my motivation too.

As you'll probably tell from the title, I'm going to England ! I'll be living there for a year of university, until June next year. I'm so excited, England is my dream country so this opportunity means a lot to me. I'll stay there just for about nine months, but I'm willing to make the most of it and enjoy every second.

St Pancras station, from where I'll set foot in London, yay !

Although I'm sure I will have a lot of free time, I'm still unsure of how things will be going, and it'll take me some time to take a new rhythm. As a consequence, I think I will publish less posts on this blog, probably until the end of 2014. With so many exciting things to look forward to, I've already started to leave my blog aside these past few months, and it makes me sad to do so. But I'm sure I'll get back to it eventually, with more new posts and more inspiration.

Of course I'll still try and post from time to time when I've got things that might interest you, but I'm not sure there will be plenty of posts in the upcoming months. I guess taking this break will be a nice thing for me, I'll be coming with with a lot of new ideas and motivated like never before :)

Until then,
have a nice time !

Julia xxx

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