July 27, 2014

Fashion Selection : Kimonos

Hi y'all !

Today I've got a bit of a fashion post. I haven't been posting as much fashion as I used to lately, just because I haven't been too keen on new clothing and stuff, I focused more on beauty.
But right now I've think I've fallen in love with kimonos ! They're the perfect item for summer, when it's too hot to wear a cardigan on top of your clothes but you still want an extra layer for the evenings. It is so on trend at the moment that all shops have a large variety of kimonos, of different lengths and patterns and colours, so it's easier to find the one you'll like !
I've selected a few of them for you amongst the pages and pages of e-shops that I've searched through. Here they are, maybe you'll like them too !

1. Floral Print Kimono, Pull & Bear (£29.99)
3. Beige Geommetric Crochet Tassel Hem Kimono, Sheinside (on sale, £11.77)

Julia xx

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